"For by Grace you have been saved through faith; and this is not your own doing.  It is the gift of God." 

Ephesians 2:8

God loves you!  We believe, teach and live in the Grace of God.  We are marked with the cross of Christ forever.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit we are called and gathered as the church, and through that same Spirit we are sent into Midland, Texas and into the world to serve others.

Teach Me, Lord


2003 N "A" St.. Midland, TX

Welcome Saints & Sinners

Who are we?

Pastor Becky Hand
Welcomes to you to worship with us

Who Is Our Pastor?

Pastor Becky Hand joined Hope in the summer of 2014.  She has B.S., M.S. and M.Div degrees and she has served the Lord as a pastor since 2007.  She teaches scripture with a practical 'take-home' message.  She is married, has 3 step-children and 3 grandchildren.

What Do We believe?

     We believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as the Triune God.  The Son, Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, he is the word incarnate, he was born in human form, was crucified, he died but rose on the third day and ascended into heaven.  He, alone, is our Savior.  It is through him that we are forgiven from our sins and made right before God.

     We believe that the Holy Bible is the inspired and living Word of God that teaches us about God, about ourselves and about God's will for us.

     We celebrate the Lord's Supper weekly.  The blessed bread and wine are the Lord's body and blood, a physical reminder of his sacrifice for us and of the forgiveness we receive from him.